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I Am Proof That Chiropractic Care Works

I have never really slept that well, no matter where I am sleeping. My wife thought that perhaps it was because of the mattress on our bed, but even when I stayed overnight in hotels, I would wake up feeling the same way. I figured it had something to do with my body more than that something was wrong with our bed. She finally convinced me to make an appointment with a San Francisco Chiropractor when I started begging off from doing things that used to give me a lot of pleasure.

Even though she wanted me to go for my own good, I did resist a bit at first. I just did not see what a chiropractor would be able to do for me that would help me to not be in so much pain. I had felt this way for way too long, and it was starting to get worse. I honestly thought that it was just part of the aging process, even though I hadn’t noticed anyone else my age moving around as slowly as I did at times. I made the appointment though mainly to please my wife.