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Guideline on How Property Owners Can Get Rid of Nuisance Birds

For sure you will agree with me that birds are loving creatures sent by God but some bird species can be nuisance to property owners and homeowners. Most of the birds that utilize your properties as perching sites since they cause noise, property damage and fouling. Their nesting materials, feathers and droppings can soil your properties while their noises are annoying. Although, these birds are protected by the local and the state laws but there are measures that you can carry out without violating the laws. To know these things, then continue perusing this article. Property owners are advised to check out the options which they find convenient and those that cannot harm the birds and which are compliant to the said laws.

Property owners must select the right preventive measures simply because it is illegal to harm these birds. Instill in your minds that it is illegal for property owners to destroy, to damage as well as to disturb their nests.

How Property Owners Can Resolve Nuisance Birds in Their Properties?
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1. Property owners can try using the scare tactics in addressing the nuisance birds in their properties. As a matter of fact, there are lots of property owners who like this method as it is easy and cost efficient since they will only use loud noises in scaring the birds outdoors. This can be done by producing noise like blowing of horns, hitting the back of the pot or by hanging colorful and bright colored objects.
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2. Another way of addressing this problem is by exclusion measures. Some of the exclusion measures include hanging of bird spikes as well as bird nets. You can use these techniques to deter the birds from nesting in any areas of your house.

3. Another way of keeping the birds away from your home is by hanging the feeders very far away from your house. In addition to the bird feeders, property owners are also advised to install nesting boxes near the feeders so they will be lured to build their nests inside it.

4. You can also use the alarm calls to scare the birds away. These recordings can be purchased from the stores that showcase pest control items as well as farm supplies. Actually, property owners have wide array of bird call recordings to select from. You an purchase recordings of predator birds in distress. Property owners are advised to use these tape recordings with their stereo players near the birds’ perching sites and before the night fall to keep the said birds away from your home.

These are some of the widely utilized measures used by property owners in scaring these birds away from your home.