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6 Reasons Why Your Exercise Coach Advises You To Take A Break Some people exercise to lose weight while others do it to have a great body but all of them know that they need to consider their body condition when customizing their exercise routine. And everyone know they cannot rush it when they want to lose weight or build great muscles. As for the notion that the increase of intensity equals the increase of result, it is not the reality. How can it be like this? Try to check if you feel any of these symptoms happened to you.
The Essential Laws of Exercises Explained
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Exercises – Getting Started & Next Steps
You are up for an intense exercise routine and your body condition is at its best. Now when you perform the body workout, it seems you are not performing up to standards. Your pulse rate is higher than normal You are already resting but your heart rate is still beating like you are doing an exercise. What’s wrong? Lacking the drive to do your exercise routine You are always in the gym doing your exercise routine with joy. Until today, which you find it a hassle just even performing a simple body exercise routine. Now you think it is just a robotic action. What happened? Lower immune system You consider yourself a healthy individual since you keep on exercising. Meanwhile, the same exercise routine is not enough to keep you healthy these days. What’s wrong? Increase recovery period You only need one or two days to get your body back on top condition. Your body is still sore and tired even after resting for several days. You find it hard to concentrate when doing your work and get tired easily. Is it normal? You don’t feel like eating You are already suffering. It would be hard to workout when your body does not have enough energy to support the intense activity. You will not get any benefits if you workout without enough body energy. How can this be? With such an intense workout regularly, your body could not keep up and instead was overworked. Overworking the body can still be caused by doing your regular body workout. The lack of recovery time for the body is enough to overwork it. Regular breaks from exercise is just as important as exercise itself. You can have rest your body in two ways: Do not perform one type of exercise for the whole routine Use combinations of exercise routines in one session. Experts warn people from exercising just one muscle or body part during the entire workout. Two months of intense workout is already too much and at least a week of rest if necessary to prevent over-training the body. You can do light activities to have fun and avoid intense physical activities. For less intense workout, resting one day then exercising the other day is a good schedule. Experts would recommend a light cardio exercise right after every exercise during the whole routine. If you haven’t included exercise break from your schedule, it is better to include it as soon as possible.