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A Guide to Miami Cosmetic Surgery

Plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery are terminologies that are often used in the modern world. However, most people do not know the distinction between these terms. To draw the distinction, plastic surgery is the correction of skin defects using surgical procedures. The fact that it is done to repair damaged body parts like the skin makes it purely reconstructive. On its part, cosmetic surgery is an operation done carried out on body parts that are intact with no damages. It is done to improve physical appearance hence it is optional.

The popularity of cosmetic surgery in the United States of America has gone up in recent times. Case in point is the 33% increase in the number of people who sought cosmetic surgery in Miami, Florida in the year 2015 as compared to those who sought it in 2014. The reports also say that majority of those seeking cosmetic surgery in Miami are women.

The fact that women are more conscious about how they look means that they are prone to seeking cosmetic surgery as compared to men. To put this into context we need to analyze the different types of cosmetic surgery and parts of the body they affect. Abdominoplasty which in simple English is called tummy tuck is one type of cosmetic surgery. This procedure is done to make the stomach firm and shapely.
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In Miami, there are many women who undergo abdominoplasty to curb baby fat that comes after child birth. Mammoplasty is another form of cosmetic surgery undertaken in Miami. Mammoplasty basically refers to cosmetic surgery procedures on breasts. Desired results that can be achieved using mammoplasty include: Reduction of the size of breasts, enlargement and firming.
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Some people have used plastic surgery in Miami to improve their looks. Plastic surgeons in Miami have however discouraged this and advised concerned parties to seek cosmetic surgery for aesthetic value. Recorded data in Miami shows that majority of the cases of plastic surgery at 88% are undertaken to reconstruct damaged skin. This implies that very few people use plastic surgery to improve their looks.

According to researchers the choice of cosmetic surgery by people is psychologically instigated. The fact that more women than men seek cosmetic surgery plays a big role in linking it to psychology. It has been established that men give a certain preference to women with specific physical looks or attributes. Breasts and hips are some of the features that men give specific consideration. This leads some women to try and make their breasts and hips attractive using cosmetic surgery. Scientists link this tendency to natural competition between women in attracting men as mates or life partners. Trained medical practitioners who have a practicing license should be the only ones to carry out plastic and cosmetic surgery.