Tips For Wearing Hair Extensions So They Look Natural

Today, hair extensions are more popular than ever and are even being worn by celebrities all over the world. These extensions can range from a few bucks to more than a hundred, depending on whether they are made from human or synthetic hair. Once a woman has chosen her extensions, it is crucial she knows how to properly wear them. Placing them correctly will ensure they not only look natural, but they also stay in place throughout the day.

The key to getting extensions to stay in place is to tease the natural hair at the root. Using a teasing brush and comb, it is important to tease the hair in the root area where the extension will be clipped in place. Teasing roughens the hair area and will help to prevent the clip from sliding out by giving it something to anchor onto. Teasing just above the clipped in area will also help to conceal the clip extension.

Women are often surprised to learn they can use their extensions in different ways. For adding volume to an updo, one can simply place their extension in backward. This allows them to have tons more volume at the top so they can create all types of looks from upsweeps to ponytails with ease. This is an easy way to add versatility to an extension for different looks.

It is a good idea for a woman to go to her stylist once she has purchased human extensions so they can be cut to match her hair. This ensures they will look perfect each time they are clipped in place. This also allows for a much more natural look. Depending on the type of extension, the stylist can even dye the hair to match a woman’s natural tresses.

These helpful tips can make wearing extensions more enjoyable for women of all ages. Extensions can add volume, length, and style to a woman’s hair so she can change up her look anytime she likes. It is important to purchase the best extensions one can afford so they can get the results they seek. With extensions, a woman never has to worry about a lack of volume or wait on her hair to grow.